Commissioner renews call for Sheriff Hutchinson to resign after FOX 9 report

After FOX 9 reports have raised new questions about Sheriff Dave Hutchinson's conduct since his drunk driving conviction, at least one Hennepin County commissioner is renewing her call for his resignation.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Commissioner Irene Fernando wrote: "I’m appalled by the recent media coverage about Sheriff Hutchinson. I maintain my view from 1/5/22: the only way to maintain the dignity of the Sheriff's office and to show respect for the laws he’s sworn to uphold is for Hutchinson to resign immediately."

State Rep. Kristin Robbins also joined Fernando in the calls for Hutchinson's resignation: "I called for Sheriff Hutchinson to resign after his arrest," s With rampant crime in Henn. County, we needed a reliable, credible leader in the Sheriff’s office immediately. These allegations should be fully investigated and taxpayers should be repaid for any misuse of funds."

In two reports on Sunday and Monday, FOX 9 revealed the sheriff sent racist and homophobic messages in the weeks following his DWI arrest. The FOX 9 Investigators also found the sheriff has gone on a spending spree in recent months.

Hutchinson announced earlier this year he would not seek re-election as Hennepin County Sheriff but planned to serve out the remainder of his term, resisting calls for him to resign.

Note: A previous version of this story mistakenly identified Kristin Robbins as the county commissioner and not a state representative.