City of Minneapolis working on plans to reopen 38th Street at Floyd memorial

A memorial has grown near 38th Street E and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis where George Floyd died. (FOX 9)

The City of Minneapolis is working on plans that could reopen 38th Street at Chicago Avenue as soon as next week, after the intersection has been closed for more than two months following George Floyd's death.

The intersection, where George Floyd was killed while in police custody, has been blocked since May 25. The site has been home to a memorial that sprung up in the days after Floyd's death. In an email to FOX 9, the city says it has been working with neighbors and community members about a phased reopening plan for the area.

While the memorial site at 38th and Chicago has acted as a spot for the community to mourn, in recent weeks concerns over violence have been raised.

The city is considering long-term plans for the memorial sites with the community. A city spokesperson says they discussed a phased reopening plan that could start during the week of August 17.

"City leaders and staff have been actively engaging with community members since May, attending daily meetings on the street and holding several town halls," said city officials. "The City has heard numerous perspectives about this intersection, both short- and long-term desires and needs. The City plans to share more information about this work in coming days."

Among plans to continue to honor Floyd's life, last week the city's Planning Commission voted to add a commemorative street name in Floyd's honor on Chicago Avenue between 37th and 39th streets.