Charges: Walker man backed over 1-year-old niece while drunk, drove off

A Walker, Minnesota man is accused of running over his one and a half-year-old niece with his vehicle in the driveway of his sister’s house Sunday, killing her. He was allegedly drunk at the time driving without a valid license. 

Anthony Goose, 28, was charged with two counts of criminal vehicular homicide in the death of his niece as well as a misdemeanor for driving after his license had been revoked.  

According to the charges, Goose was at his sister’s house working on the brakes of his white Chevy Tahoe. The victim’s parents were inside when Goose left their house. 

Goose got into his Tahoe and began backing out of the driveway, when he struck his niece. Surveillance video from a neighbor’s house across the street showed the vehicle "visibly bump over the toddler," the charges read. 

One witness, quoted in the charges, told deputies Goose "appeared to have realized what he had done and drove off at a high rate of speed." 

Two other witnesses said after they saw Goose’s vehicle run over the child, they were yelling at him and ran out into the road to try to get him to stop.

The victim's stepfather heard their other daughters screaming and when they went outside to check on them, they found the victim lying face down in the driveway in a large pool of blood.

A Cass County sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene and attempted to provide CPR to the victim. Eventually, paramedics arrived and took her away by ambulance. 

While speaking with the child’s parents, the deputy saw a white Chevy Tahoe matching the description of the suspect vehicle return to the neighborhood. He followed it to a nearby residence, where he located Goose and took him into custody. 

Goose confirmed to deputies he had been drinking peppermint Schnapps before he went to his sister’s house. A preliminary breath test revealed a blood alcohol content of .123.  

Goose’s driver’s license was revoked in December for a DWI and had not been reinstated at the time of the incident.