Charges: Man shot sister's boyfriend at Minnetonka park-and-ride

A man has been charged for murder after shooting another man at the Minnetonka park-and-ride ramp Friday night.

25-year-old Marcus Hallmark of Columbia Heights man was charged with second-degree murder after shooting 32-year-old Thomas Russ of Minneapolis. Russ was Hallmark's sister's boyfriend.

Hallmark is expected to appear in court on Wednesday and prosecutors are seeking $1 million bail.

According to the criminal complaint, Russ, Hallmark and two women were hanging out in a home in Columbia Heights. One woman lent her car to Hallmark, but he abandoned it at the park-and-ride ramp on Wayzata Boulevard in Minnetonka after getting a flat tire.

So, the women and Russ drove to the ramp so that Russ could change the tire. The two women sat in the car while Hallmark and Russ worked on the tire.

Both women reported hearing a loud bang, looked over and saw Russ on the ground. They then saw Hallmark bend over and fire another shot before running away.

According to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, Russ died of two gunshot wounds to the head.

Police then tracked Hallmark to a swamp, where they arrested him and recovered a handgun. The handgun was traced to a burglary in Farmington, Minnesota. Police also recovered a bag with other stolen items from that burglary along with Hallmark's driver's license.

The Russ Family released the following statement:

"Russ family is asking for respect and privacy during this time of grief."