Cedar Avenue Bridge reopens after 14 years

After 14 years, one of the oldest bridges in the Twin Cities is open once again, and a lot of people are taking advantage of it this weekend.

Huge crowds flocked to the Cedar Avenue bridge on Saturday to enjoy the views and make up for lost time.

“To see this bridge come back […] it really is very special," a visitor said.

People anxious to return to the bridge turned out by the dozens – walking, biking, running – and enjoying the nearly century-old connection between Hennepin and Dakota counties.

"There was always the old ferry bridge, and then there was the old cedar bridge,” a visitor said. “Those are the ways to cross the river."

At one time, cars could drive across the Cedar Avenue Bridge. But, that all changed in the 1990s, and by the early 2000s, it was clear the bridge needed some serious work.

"We were thinking it would be torn down, but then we saw the progress and thought it's coming along," said a visitor.

Beyond just providing a path for walkers and bikers, the bridge has become a great place to soak up Minnesota’s natural beauty.

"We were kind of excited to see the egrets," one of the visitors said.

The bridge is set to close down again this spring due to road construction in nearby areas, and it will then reopen in the fall of 2017.