Case against Christopher Rossing's alleged killer moves forward

The man charged with kidnapping and murdering Christopher Rossing of Howard Lake, Minn. is due back in court Friday morning. Robert Nuttall faces several counts, including first-degree murder, in the case that began with Rossing's disappearance last summer.

Rossing and Nuttall allegedly got into a fight outside a bar in Howard Lake last August, and Rossing was never seen again. Nuttall was charged with kidnapping, and a grand jury eventually indicted the 29-year-old on first-degree murder after teeth and bone fragments were found in a fire pit at his home in Hutchinson, Minn. 

Nuttall has a pre-trial hearing in Buffalo, Minn. on Friday. His trial is scheduled to start next month

Nuttall's girlfriend, Gwen Butcher, was indicted for aiding and abetting as well as second-degree murder. She is due in court next week, but no trial date has been set for her role in Rossing's death.