Calmer night in Brooklyn Center as demonstrators mark 1 week since Wright shooting

A coalition of women and mothers called for murder charges to be filed after former Officer Kim Potter for the shooting of Daunte Wright. (FOX 9)

After a week of clashes with police and some unrest, things at the Brooklyn Center Police Department were quieter on Sunday, as demonstrators marked one week since Daunte Wright was killed in a police shooting.

A smaller group than what we've seen in recent days had gathered Sunday night, but things remained mostly calm for the evening. A curfew was also put into effect Sunday night starting at 11 p.m.

The curfew follows another night of fairly peaceful protests in the city on Saturday. However, outside of Brooklyn Center, there was further trouble as someone fired shots at National Guard members stationed in Minneapolis at Penn Avenue North and West Broadway Avenue.

Sunday afternoon, a rally was held across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department, with demonstrators calling for murder charges to be filed against the officer who shot Daunte Wright last Sunday.

Wright died after being shot by Officer Kim Potter when Potter apparently mistook her firearm for her Taser. Wright was hit by one bullet before driving away in his vehicle and shortly after being involved in a crash. Potter was charged with manslaughter earlier this week for the shooting. She has also resigned from the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Further protests are scheduled for Sunday night outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department, which has been the site of clashes with police as protests have turned violent some nights. Saturday night, protests ended peacefully after curfew, with no obvious uses of force by law enforcement that are protecting the Brooklyn Center Police Department.