'Bridging' fills the gap for families transition from homelessness in Twin Cities

The push to provide more affordable housing in the metro means an increase in clients at one metro nonprofit.

“Bridging” provides furniture to families who are transitioning out of homelessness. It was founded in 1987 and now has two large warehouses in the metro where thousands of families come right after they finally have place to call their own.

The warehouse contains what anyone would need when they move into a new place: Kitchen packs, furniture, lamps, among other items.

"I'm just so grateful, I just can't believe it," said Army National Guard veteran Bruce Hanson.

Hanson's heart attack turned his life upside down, causing him to lose his job and his house. But finally, he's moving into his own place again and Bridging is allowing him the chance to furnish it with everything he needs.

"I just kept waiting for that rug to be pulled out from under me again, thinking something was going to happen because of the run of luck I've had," he says. "And that luck is finally turning around now."

Bridging is always in need of volunteers. It also has to raise $2 million a year to help all these families in the metro. They have a big fundraiser coming up in October.

To learn more about Bridging, you can click here.