Blizzard strands passengers at MSP Airport Saturday

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UPDATE: Flights resumed Sunday morning at MSP Airport.

Snow and wind are no strangers to Minnesotans, but snow as intense as this weekend’s storm forced Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to ground hundreds of flights. 

“We need the snowfall to lighten up, it’s been coming down so quickly, and [we need] for the visibility to increase,” said Patrick Hogan, MSP Airport spokesperson, early Saturday evening. 

Airline passengers spent the day waiting Saturday. Carrie Miller and her twin sister Connie Smith were set to take off for Germany—until the weather interrupted their plans. 

“We got up to the desk there and she’s like no international flights are going out. I was like oh, it says 10 p.m. and we’re going to Detroit and she was like, 'nope,'” Smith said. 

Miller, Smith and other passengers still hope to head out Sunday. Hogan said crews were able to clear at least one airport runway late Saturday, allowing some flights to take off.

Instead of taking off for warmer destinations, passengers had to jump back into winter for at least one more day. Those who dared to venture out on the roads and highways faced treacherous conditions. 

Passengers made a few things clear Saturday—weather can really test your patience and at some point, enough is enough.