Bear spotted again in Chaska Tuesday night

Bear spotted in the Prescott Court area of Chaska Tuesday night.

Several residents in Chaska, Minnesota have reported bear sightings in the last week, with one person capturing very close-up photos Tuesday evening in the area of Prescott Court/Points West.

According to the Chaska Police Department, bear sightings were reported in the Points West neighborhood near Highway 212 where three or four residents said they saw the bear. One resident said they saw the bear eating from a bird feeder. 

Chaska bear 3

A bear was spotted in the Prescott Court in Chaska.

The Minnesota DNR recommends that residents in the area take down birdfeeders for a few weeks, secure their garbage and recycling bins and keep a close eye on pets and pet food. 

Officials say residents should not approach the bear and to watch it from a safe distance. If it approaches the house, they say to make loud noises.