Wisconsin officer-shooting justified, rules Barron County DA’s office

The Barron County District Attorney’s Office released a report for an officer-involved shooting in April in which two officers were killed, stating the death of Glenn Perry during a traffic stop was justified.  

Barron County District Attorney Brian Wright said the officers’ actions "were valiant and necessary to protect the lives of countless others. [The officers] acted lawfully in self-defense and defense of others, and were privileged in using deadly force."

On the evening of April 8, Officer Emily Breidenbach and Officer Hunter Scheel were involved in a fatal shooting while conducting a high-risk traffic stop of 50-year-old Perry, who had an active warrant for his arrest. 

Officer Breidenbach pulled Perry over and Officer Scheel arrived on the scene for backup. When Officer Breidenbach was behind the squad car door, Perry opened his door while armed with an AR-15 rifle and immediately began firing. 

During the exchange of gunfire, both Officer Breidenbach and Officer Scheel were struck by bullets and ultimately died from their injuries. However, the officers were able to fire back, hitting Perry in the leg which perforated his femoral artery. His injury was fatal. 

"Perry acted alone and is solely responsible for the deaths of Officer Breidenbach and Officer Scheel. His actions were premeditated. They were the epitome of evil," Wright wrote in part. 

Investigators determined that Officer Breidenbach fired two rounds from her duty-issued handgun, and Officer Scheel fired nine rounds from his before being killed. Wright said the officer's actions were justified. 

"Perry’s actions will forever change the way we see our community, but the anger and hatred that we, as a community, will surely feel should be concentrated on Perry, and him alone," Wright wrote in the report.