Astronaut with MN ties says hello to St. Paul from space

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View of St. Paul, Minn. from the International Space Station. Credit: Kjell Lindgren/NASA

St. Paul received a special greeting from outer space when NASA astronaut Dr. Kjell Lindgren posted a birds-eye view of the city on Twitter Saturday afternoon.

Lingren, who completed a three-year residency in emergency room medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center, said on Twitter he sensed a “sibling rivalry” between the two cities after posting a similar snapshot of Minneapolis earlier this week. 

Lindgren is currently a flight engineer with Expedition 44/45, which began its mission at the International Space Station on Sept. 11.
This expedition includes human research, biology and biotechnology, astrophysics research, physical science investigations and education activities. Two spacewalks are tentatively planned during Expedition 45.

Expedition 45 crew members are installing equipment and conducting experiments to help researchers study dark matter and cosmic rays, investigate the interactions of flames on the motion and ignition of droplets, and assess the effects of spaceflight on chromosomal telomeres. NASA said investigations like these help advance the journey to Mars, while simultaneously making discoveries that can benefit all of humanity.

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