Apostle Islands' Outer Island temporarily closed for aggressive bear activity

Black bear feeding on mountain ash near the Mammoth to Tower Road, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, 2016. Image courtesy Jim Peaco/Yellowstone National Park. (Photo via Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images).

The National Park Service has closed a portion of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore to visitors due an aggressive bear in the area. 

NPS announced Friday Outer Island is temporarily closed for both day-use and overnight use, including visiting the light station grounds. Park officials said a resident bear is frequenting public areas on Outer Island and has “exhibited behavior that indicates it is not afraid of humans.” 

Officials are reminding visitors to practice good bear etiquette and safely secure all food and items with odor. 

Staff are continuing to monitor and evaluate the area to determine when it is appropriate to reopen the island to day-use and overnight camping.