'American style': Company launches 'Jacksonville Jort,' 'Jeado' denim swimwear

A company that specializes in outlandish clothing is selling denim swimwear just in time for summer. 

Shinesty is offering the “Jeado” and “Jacksonville Jort” for men and “Jeankini” for women. 

 “Denim is an iconic fabric that has been defining the American style for generations,” said Chris White, CEO of Shinesty. “Unfortunately, it’s not the best fabric for occasions involving heat or moisture. Using digital printing we are able to apply this iconic style to almost any product and take denim where it has never gone before.” 

 The “Jacksonville Jeankini” denim one-piece swimsuit has a low cut front and back necklines with an 80s style high hip cut, according to the website. 

 “Paired with some dukes, you're looking like Britney Spears circa '01,” the website said. 

 The clothing company also sells the “Daytona Jeankini” bikini top that “was birthed smack dab in the middle of the Daytona 500,” the website said.

 In the same theme, the “Jeado Swim Brief” for men is quick-drying with high-resolution print, the website said. Shinesty also offers the “Black Acid Wash Jeado.”

 “This denim swim brief is the mall-rat older brother who shops at Hot Topic, drinks 32-ounce Monsters and has snakebite piercings,” the website said of the black “Jeado.” 

 For men, the company also sells a jean short swimsuit called the “Jacksonville Jort Denim Swim Trunks,” with the website saying that “we all know jorts are the above-ground pool of the short world.”

White responded to the attention that denim “Jeados” and “Jeankinis” have been getting. 

 “I'm just glad that the American public came to the realization that denim is, and always has been, the epitome of style and function for pool and beach fashion,” White said. “As long people don't take themselves too seriously, we'll keep creating alluring clothing that will catch eyes.” 

 The swimwear is under their “Denim Swim” line of their “Guys and Gals Swimsuits” section.