Alleged abuse caught on camera at nursing home in New Hope, Minn.

Anyone who has a parent or loved one in a nursing home hopes they will receive good care, and that's why video taken at a nursing home in New Hope, Minn. is very concerning.  Two employees are facing possible criminal charges, and there could be more to come.

Hidden camera footage reveals what police said can be characterized as mistreatment and possibly assault.  Two people are facing charges, but police said with numerous employees seen in the video there could be more on the way.

"It was just shocking to us and to the facility,”  said New Hope Police Capt. Scott Slawson.

Police said hidden camera footage from inside Saint Therese Senior Care Facility is disturbing.

"Definitely mistreatment, probably assault were found on the video,” Slawson said.

On June 22, representatives from Saint Therese notified police of possible abuse to a pair of residents. The family took the investigation into their own hands and placed a hidden camera in two family member’s rooms.

"The family was concerned about some injuries, some bruising, some skin injuries they were suspicious of,” Slawson said. 

The video is now in the hands of prosecutors, so it is unavailable to Fox 9 at this time. But police said two people were booked under gross misdemeanor charges and referred to the city attorney's office.

Officials with the senior care facility said the two employees have been let go, along with eight other nursing assistants.  The case is now in the hands of the city attorney who will decide whether to file charges against the former employees.

Statement from Saint Therese

“Two nursing assistants at Saint Therese of New Hope care center were dismissed on June 29 following confirmation of allegations that they physically abused two residents.

When Saint Therese management learned about the allegations we immediately suspended the employees, notified the state health department and New Hope police, which investigated the reports, as did management. The two former employees were charged with mistreatment of residents, a gross misdemeanor, and dismissed from employment.

We are cooperating fully with authorities. We have taken numerous steps to prevent a recurrence, including implementation of a plan of correction. Eight additional nursing assistants have been dismissed for failure to report and/or use of cell phones in residents’ rooms, which is a violation of staff rules.

Any abuse of residents is intolerable, which is why the two employees involved were suspended immediately and then dismissed. We have extended our heartfelt apologies to the residents and their family. They remain residents at Saint Therese of New Hope.”