Albino calf surprises Wisconsin family after April snowstorm

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An April snowstorm may have ground much of the upper Midwest to a halt, but it brought a welcome surprise to a family of Wisconsin farmers when they discovered an albino calf nestled among the freshly fallen powder.

Tina-Miller Vanasse said at first the baby animal simply looked like a clump of snow, confusing her until it moved and she saw the signature pink nose and eyes of albino animals. She first noticed the calf on April 19 while checking on her family's small herd of approximately 48 cows, which roams 140 acres in Spring Valley, Wisconsin. 

The calf, a male named Al Bundy, has a Herford father and a Shorthorn Cross mother. Miller Vanasse said the albino gene likely came from the calf's father.

The family plans to keep the animal and, depending on his health, Al Bundy will perhaps someday have some calves of his own.