Activists, community members call for arrests and answers in child shooting deaths

Marchers took to the street of Minneapolis on Saturday to call for justice in three recent shootings involving child victims. (FOX 9)

Calling for arrests and answers in the shootings of three children on Minneapolis' north side, activists and community members flooded the streets near Lowry and Knox on Saturday.

The group demanded justice for the three children who were all shot just weeks apart: 10-year-old Ladavionne Garrett, Jr., 9-year-old Trinity Ottoson-Smith and 6-year-old Aniya Allen.

Trinity and Aniya died from their injuries.

Longtime peace activist KG Wilson was Aniya's grandfather. He tells Fox 9 he hasn't seen brazen violence like this before.

"There was a time when we were dealing with some very bad people, but now, we are dealing with some monsters. Some heartless, careless monsters who could care less about churches, mosques,  spiritual places, children or seniors," said Wilson.

While he did meet with march organizers from the New Black Panther Nation Minnesota, he didn't take part in the march, which stopped at 35th and Penn Avenue North, near where Aniya was killed.

Wilson says he won't return to that corner until those responsible for the shootings are caught.

"Anytime you can shoot a child, kill a child and don’t turn yourself in...that’s not a human being," said Wilson.

A $30,000 reward is being offered for anyone with information that could lead to an arrest in any of these cases. That includes $10,000 per case.