'A public health crisis': Minneapolis police chief asks community to help fight recent gun violence

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo held a news conference Sunday following a violent weekend in the city, calling the recent shootings a public health crisis.

Early Sunday morning, 11 people were shot in Uptown Minneapolis and another person was killed around the same time downtown.  There are currently no suspects in custody. Since Friday night, at least 21 people were injured in shootings across the city.

"We have seen unfortunately, over the past several months, an uptick in violent crime in Minneapolis. And we are certainly doing our best to address that. But I want to be very clear that while we will certainly be in those spaces and those locations and certainly utilize our intelligence and our data gathering to try to prevent that, this is going to take more than just the Minneapolis Police Department," Chief Arradondo said. "The numbers that we are seeing are truly, it’s a public health crisis. And so we’re going to need all stakeholders to step up, be a part of the discussions for solutions, and help us as we navigate certainly through this."

The chief said that overnight, officers as well as community members rushed to the aid of gunshot victims, helping them get to EMS personnel.

"Humanity showed itself last night," Chief Arradondo said. "I do believe, obviously, the professionalism and the courage that our Minneapolis police officers and community members - strangers to many of those victims - we saw humanity last night. And that really, truly inspires me and it says that hope is here in our city and it will remain here in our city and we have to build on that."

The chief also said he has been on the phone with local state agencies and with the local FBI special agent in charge. They will be bringing in resources, as well.

"The violence has to stop, and it is a call for everyone who cares about this city to make sure that we’re all doing our best to come to the table to make sure that we offer up solutions and that we stop it," he said.

Chief Arradondo said police have received several leads, which investigators are pursuing.