Minneapolis Police corrects record on deadly weekend shooting, popular barber killed downtown, not in Uptown

Minneapolis Police now say nobody was killed in the shooting that left 11 people shot in Uptown Minneapolis.

Police confirmed Tuesday what witnesses previously told FOX 9 that Cody Pollard, a popular barber, was killed in a separate shooting outside Target Center downtown Minneapolis late Saturday night around the same time as the Uptown shooting.

Pollard was transported to the hospital in a private car unresponsive, so he was not able to tell investigators where he had been shot. When his family arrived, they thought Pollard was in Uptown that night, so they assumed that is where he was shot.

Instead, witnesses revealed Pollard was shot twice in the area of Target Center during a fight late Saturday night. Minneapolis police believe the shooting happened near 7th Street North and 1st Avenue North sometime between 12:30 a.m. and 1 a.m. During that time in that area, the police only received a call about a vehicles driving erratically.

The shooting was part of a violent weekend across Minneapolis that left 21 injured by gunfire.