A new season brings new food to Target Center

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Parlour Burger

As a new season of Timberwolves' basketball opens, so too does a newly-renovated Target center--with new sights, sounds and even tastes.

Along with these changes comes a host of new foods in the arena, and, of course, some old favorites.

Tasked with overhauling the entire stadium's menu, Timberwolves' Executive Chef David Fhima had some help from Target Center's partner, Levy Restaurants, bringing in local restaurant favorites like the Parlour Burger from Borough and Parlour and the walleye sandwich from Lake Minnetonka staple Lord Fletcher's to stand alongside age-old stadium favorites like chicken tenders and hot dogs.

Fhima will also have his own, dedicated restaurant space where he will debut fare like Moroccan chicken tulips and organic cookies from Mother Bakery.

Twin Cities chain SotaRol and Duluth-based City Girl Coffee are also among the new vendors testing their luck at stadium food this season.

All of these items--and more--will be available at the Timberwolves home opener against the Utah Jazz on Friday, Oct. 20. 

Parlour Burger - Parlour

Where to find it: Section 113

A well-made burger is a thing of beauty, and Parlour makes one of the best. It's so simple--one buttered roll and a patty with cheese, but coming in at No. 1 on CityPages' 100 Favorite Twin Cities Dishes, this burger speaks for itself.

Sushi burritos, or "Sotaritos" - SotaRol 

Where to find it: Section 126

A trendy item whose novelty won't wear off after the first bite, the sushi burrito seems strange at first sight, but what's not to love? It's all the things that make sushi great: rice, fish and a few chopped vegetables, all wrapped up for easy consumption, even while cheering.

Walleye Sandwich - Lord Fletcher's 

Where to find it: Section 136

Times may change, but the walleye sandwich stays the same. If you're bringing out-of-towners to see a game, stop by Lord Fletcher's and show them all the bounty the Land of 10,000 lakes has to offer.

Organic Moroccan Chicken Tulips - Fhima's 

Where to find it: Fhima's in Section 111

These aren't your grandpa's chicken wings.

Fhima is the mastermind behind Target Center's new menu, so it only seems fitting that he be given his on laboratory to experiment with his own version of stadium food. As long as he keeps churning out dishes like this, who's going to ask questions?

Tuna Togarashi - LifeTime Fitness Life Café

Where to find it: Life Time Fitness' Life Café in Section 106

For those looking to escape the fried food trap, look no further than the LifeTime Fitness Life Cafe, featuring Tuna Togarashi--a lightly seared, thinly-sliced tuna steak on a bed of vegetables.

Coffee and espresso - City Girl Coffee 

Where to find it: Section 118 and Section 136 

Sourced locally from City Girl Coffee, which purports to buy only from women-owned farms and roasting operations, this brew is a perfect pick-me-up during a morning game--or even before a night out on the town. We're not judging. 

Wine - Chankaska Wines 

Where to find it: Section 138

Minneapolis and St. Paul are great for beer drinkers, with a bevy of craft brew options for hopheads of all stripes. With the addition of Chankaska Wines to the Target Center's vendor list, there's now some measure of equity in the alcohol market for fans who might be looking for something red or white while cheering on the green and blue.

Local Vegetable Stir Fry - Pagoda 

Where to find it: Section 126 

Break out your chopsticks for a new favorite: chicken and vegetables in a handy to-go container. It's the perfect change-of-pace for those disillusioned with another burger and fries.

Pizza - Freschetta 

Where to find it: Section 131 

Sometimes, you just need a slice. It's the perfect companion for a long night of basketball, and there's plenty of options to choose from.

Variety - Levy Restaurants 

Where to find it: Throughout arena

Levy does most of the heavy lifting at the Target Center, staffing concessions stands across the arena that serve traditional favorites--hot dogs, cookies, brats, burgers and chicken tenders, among other things.

But in his attempt to elevate stadium fare Fhima took a bottom-up approach, working with higher-quality ingredients thrown together in new ways to create new takes on many of these old favorites. Hot dogs with kimchi, organic cookies, burgers made with pulled pork--and more--make up the backbone of the Timberwolves' new concession menu.