$99 ballistic-fiber pantyhose claim to be 'stronger than steel'

If you wear pantyhose, you understand the pain when they catch on something and the snag becomes a massive, embarrassing hole.

FOX 5 found several people who shared their war stories:

"I get a hole every time I wear a new pair."

"When one of my kids were goofing around and snagged my hose."

"I get a hole normally in the feet."

"Only at my feet."

A new sheer pantyhose called Sheertex debuted at the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The pantyhose are made with ballistic-grade fibers often found in bulletproof vests and said to be unbreakable.

"We're actually the very first in the world to actually extrude this very, very strong palmer, thin enough to be hosiery," Sheertex's Natalie Catania said. "It's made with polyethylene, making it super, super strong."

You can imagine the response from those who wear hose:

"I would buy it."

"What would matter is if they made my legs look thin."

"Oh my goodness, sounds good to me!"

"Oh, I'd like to see that one!"

"That's remarkable!"

The founder, Katherine Homuth, a software entrepreneur with a tech manufacturing background, explains on her company webpage that the product wasn't easy to create.

"I turned to the fibers used in products like climbing equipment and bulletproof vests. While they were definitely strong, there are a few problems," Homuth said. "They were too thick, They didn't stretch and weren't dyeable. They fibers were so strong, they were breaking the pantyhose machine."

"We've actually created a full manufacturing process, a proprietary manufacturing process in our lab in Canada, two hours north of Toronto, where we work with the world's strongest fibers," Catania said. "We've had to reconfigure and redo all of our machines for that specifically so that's a little bit of the science behind it."

Sheertex cost $99 a pair.

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