911 transcript: Victim of Folwell police shooting previously told girlfriend he wanted to die

A 911 transcript released by the Minneapolis Police Department illustrates the victim of an officer-involved shooting Friday night was struggling with mental health. 

Fox 9 has learned the caller in this transcript is the girlfriend of the victim. The transcript identifies the man as 36-year-old Travis Jordan. 

In the call with dispatch, Jordan's girlfriend says Jordan had called her "all the time saying he wants to die," and that she didn't "know how to deal with it." 

She also said Jordan's text messages revealed he had asked someone to find a gun for him.

"And then I confronted him about that a long time ago and he said he wasn't gonna do it," said the girlfriend to dispatchers. 

Here is the full transcript released by the Minneapolis Police Department:

Operator: Mpls Police and Fire Dispatch, how can I help you?

Caller: This is Mpls 311 with a transfer for a welfare check with suicidal ideation.

Operator: Yup.

Caller: Address they gave me was 3731 Morgan Ave. No. I’ll put them on the line now.

Operator: Thank you so much.

Caller: Go ahead for Dispatch.

Operator: Hi caller, how can I help you?

Caller: that was put through from 311 for welfare check: Hi, um, I rerouted from 311.

Operator: Yup, and they said the address is 3731 Morgan Ave. No., is that correct?

Operator: Okay.

Caller: I told him I was gonna call the cops, ‘cause I was really worried about him, and he threatened me and said go ahead and call the cops, I’ll talk to them when they get here.

Operator: Okay, stay on the line here.

Caller: And he’s threatened, he’s tried to call many times, I mean he calls me all the time saying he wants to die, and I don’t know how to deal with it.

Operator: Yup.

Caller: I don’t know how to help him, so. And today like he said he was gonna plan to go to his mom’s and.

Operator: Was sent to you in text message or did he speak to you directly?

Caller: He sent me a text message saying he wanted to plan to go his mom and do this.

Operator: Okay.

Caller: And he put LOL at the end.

Operator: Okay.

Caller: I don’t.

Operator: Alright, stay on the line, I’m just gonna get some more information from you, we’re gonna get somebody to check on him, okay?

Caller: Okay.

Operator: Um, and when did this happen?

Caller: The text message?

Operator: Yup.

Caller: It was today, it was just, um.

Operator: Like when did you last speak to him?

Caller: The text message was at 1:20, and I last spoke with him at 1:45.

Operator: Okay, so it’s been a little bit, okay about. Were weapons involved or mentioned?

Caller: No.

Operator: I need to get his description, what race is her?

Caller: Um, he’s mixed Japanese and black. He’s like 5’7”. I think he’s probably the only one in the house right now, (inaudible).

Operator: About how old is he?

Caller: He’s 36.

Operator: And do you have any idea what he’s wearing today?

Caller: Um, I think he’s wearing gray workout pants and probably like a light gray shirt. And he might be wearing his matching gray sweater that matches his pants.

Operator: Okay, and spell his last name for me.

Caller: JORDAN, J O R D A N.

Operator: And his, uh, is that his last name or his first name?

Caller: Last name.

Operator: Okay, what’s his first name?

Caller: TRAVIS, T R A V I S.

Operator: And his middle name?

Caller: MATTHEW, M A T T H E W.

Operator: And his date of birth?

Caller: 07/31/82.

Operator: And um, does he have a cell phone number?

Caller: Yes.

Operator: Can I have that number when you’re ready?

Caller: Hold on. .

 Operator: Does he have a vehicle?

Caller: No.

Operator: Is anyone else in danger right now?

Caller: No, I don’t think anyone’s home, just him.

Operator: Okay, is he violent? Caller: No.

Operator: How did he say he was gonna hurt himself?

Caller: He said he was, well he told me that he just went to the liquor store and got a big bottle, but then I’ve looked through his text messages before and he’s asked for like to find a gun for him from someone. And then I confronted him about that a long time ago and he said he wasn’t gonna do it. Um, so I don’t know what, I don’t know who he’s been contacting today. I mean he wouldn’t let me go over.

Operator: Okay, so he was looking to purchase a gun from someone?

Caller: A few months ago.

Operator: Okay. And do you, how old is his son? Is he possibly in the house?

Caller: Um, he doesn’t have a son.

Operator: I thought you said he lives there with his son.

Caller: No, he lives there with his friends.

Operator: With his friends, okay.

 Caller: Yeah.

Operator: What is your name?


Operator: REDACTED


Operator: What’s a good callback number for you?


Operator: Okay, call us back immediately if anything changes or if you have any further information, but I do have officers pulled up now, okay?

Caller: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you, bye, bye.

Caller: Bye.