5,700 gallons of nitric acid spills at northeast Minneapolis chemical company

A total of 5,700 gallons of nitric acid spilled at Hawkins Chemical on the 3100 block of East Hennepin Avenue, according to Assistant Fire Chief Bryan Tyner. Nitric acid is a highly corrosive chemical used in manufacturing and fertilizer, among other things. 

The building was evacuated. No injuries have been reported. 

East Hennepin Avenue is shut down in the area. 

The spill has been contained, but an estimated 600-700 gallons of nitric acid escaped into the storm drain, according to fire officials. Crews are monitoring the storm drain system, but have received no readings outside the immediate area of the spill. 

The acid was neutralized with soda ash and will be flushed out of the sewer system to mitigate any environmental concerns. 

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is investigating the cause of the spill.