4 new Bengal tigers arrive at Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone

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Image credit: The Wildcat Sanctuary

Four Bengal tigers have arrived at the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota, including a trio of brothers and a single female. They are among more than 100 animals being re-homed to reputable sanctuaries across the country.

“Unfortunately, multi-animal placements are becoming very common,” Wildcat Sanctuary director Tammy Thies said in a statement. “We rarely hear about one to two tigers that need a home anymore. It’s often dozens, or in this case over 100, that need to be re-homed to reputable sanctuaries.”

Brothers Griffen, Dimitri and Zeke, live together and are very easy going. According to the sanctuary, “the moment they stepped out into their free-roaming habitat, they were so excited to play with their new toys, scratch their giant perches and swim in their pool.”

Pandora, a 13-year-old female, lives alone.

It costs roughly $10,000 a year to care for each tiger at the Wildcat Sanctuary, and they are hoping donors consider helping car for the big cats on Give to the Max Day, Nov.17.