30,000 expected to fly through MSP airport Sunday

Officials reported relatively few problems at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 

About 30,000 passengers were expected to pass through security checkpoints at the airport, according to Patrick Hogan, with the Metropolitan Airports Commission.

Hogan said while that was a higher than normal number, it was nowhere near a record. Busier time periods include spring and summer breaks.

The TSA recently instituted new screening procedures requiring any electronic device larger than a cell phone to be removed from carry-on luggage. The new rules along with an expected surge in air travel had officials warning passengers to pack patience over the holiday.

But passengers at MSP said they didn’t notice any more issues than normal.

“We didn't have any problems,” said Roger Nulton, who was returning from the East Coast. “TSA did a great job. We got our bags on time. I mean it worked out very, very well.”

Hogan said the most issues might come from people traveling to the airport on the roads. Cars were lined up on the roads leading to the terminals at the airport. Hogan attributes that to the nature of travel, with more people flying for leisure during the holiday weekend, and not for business.