3 police officers help woman give birth in Sartell, Minn.

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Sartell police officers have responded to burglaries and fights, but never to a situation where they had no other choice, but to deliver a baby on their own. 

As any cop can tell you, there's no such thing as a routine call -- “You know we get a wide variety of pretty much everything."

On the evening of August 26, officers Kelly Mader, Steve Matthews, and John Lester, had no idea they'd be delivering a baby.

“When I first walked in, I was like 'yeah this is going to happen, there's no waiting,'” Sgt. Mader said of the wild night.

35-year-old Barbara Eaton went into labor inside her living room as soon as the officers arrived.

“I started consoling mom, kinda telling her what's going on,” officer Lester said.

The trio went to work, grabbing a first aid kit in the patrol car and hoping the ambulance would arrive in time. In the next room, Barbara’s husband could barely watch.

“I was in the kitchen, trying to catch my legs and not throw up,” Graham Eaton said.

With only basic paramedic training, the officers never delivered a baby in their lives.

“I held it while Sgt. Mader did the suction and clamped the cord,” officer Lester said.

Newborn Delaney Rose Eaton, not wasting a moment, arrived even before the ambulance showed up.

“They acted like they did it 100 times,” Graham said.

“We just had to make sure everything was going right with the birth so, we didn't have much time to adore the baby,” officer Matthews said.

For everyone involved, it was an unforgettable day -- “I wasn't expecting to deliver a baby that's for sure... haha," officer Lester said.

These Sartell officers have children of their own and say watching them being delivered helped in this process.  All three will be honored with department awards next week.