3 Minneapolis deputy police chiefs return after testing positive for COVID-19

Three deputy Minneapolis Police chiefs have returned to the office after testing positive for COVID-19, a spokesman confirms.  

A top civilian administrator has not recovered. For privacy reasons the department will not identify those who have become sick. 

It is unclear if the exposure happened in the administrative offices of the Minneapolis Police Department located on the first floor of City Hall.

A total of 24 Minneapolis Police officers have tested positive, and most have returned to work, said police spokesperson John Elder. The department is already short staffed due to officers who are on leave for post-traumatic stress.  

During the last 21 days, Minneapolis Police Chief Medarria Arradondo has been limiting his public exposure out of an abundance of caution. Arradondo has since returned to his office at Minneapolis City Hall.  

Elder said all of those returning to the administrative offices are wearing masks.