240-square-foot 'NextDoor Housing' created to live by aging loved ones

For young business partners Jesse Lammi and John Louiselle, success is all about the details. At just 24-years-old, the Minnesota-based entrepreneurs like to say that they have 48 years of experience.

"There were people that said ‘good thing you are so young otherwise you would be smart enough not to try,'" Lammi said.

The recent college grads have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars designing a small house that they hope will solve a big problem.

"If I'm taking care of my mom and dad, I'm living in the house," Louiselle said. "This is a mobile, yet permanent structure.  And with the press of button and a plug-in, it's a full running house."

The two believe the 240-square-foot homes are a solution for families with aging seniors. Instead of spending thousands on nursing homes or worrying about leaving them home alone, you just park one of the small houses out back.

"Everything in this is handicap accessible, wheel chair friendly," Louiselle said. "It's universally designed."

Their company NextDoor Housing recently received a $340,000 grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. So far, they've built two portable homes but hope to have at least ten by 2016.

"We can't always send our family away and when hard times come we have to bring them together," Lammi said.

With a rental price starting at $1,500 a month, it's affordable. The young entrepreneurs are optimistic it may just be the answer many families, including theirs, so desperately need.

"We built this with our grandparents in mind, and our goal is to help the aging adults," Lammi said.

You can find more information at www.NextDoorHousing.com