22 dogs rescued from Minnesota breeder

More than 20 dogs were rescued from a breeder north of the Twin Cities and will soon be up for adoption through the Animal Humane Society

Sarah Bhimani, the communications strategist with the Animal Humane Society, told FOX 9 the organization rescued 22 dogs last week, including Labrador Retrievers, St. Bernards, setters, and a mix of doodles, from a breeder in a "rural county north of the Twin Cities."

The dogs range in age from 8 years old to puppies that were born on their way to the Animal Humane Society, Bhimani explained. Those puppies are now in foster care. All the animals received a vet examination and evaluation by the behavior specialist. Those who need it are receiving care. 

The Animal Humane Society looked into the breeder after receiving a complaint about a property with too many animals. Because the person was a breeder, the Board of Animal Health got involved and has since revoked the breeder's license. 

Bhimani says the dogs are "learning how to dog," noting many hadn't walked on a leash before and some are scared of going through doorways. AHS is on working on getting the dogs used to some of the basics of being a dog. 

Some dogs are already available for adoption through the Animal Humane Society's website, while others will be posted in the coming days and weeks. 

AHS is the only animal welfare organization in Minnesota with the "space, resources and expertise" to meet the needs of the animals who were rescued, Bhimani said.