2 overturned kayakers rescued from Wisconsin river on Sunday

Authorities are reminding outdoor enthusiasts about the importance of life jackets when in the water after two overturned kayakers were rescued from a river in Wisconsin on Sunday.

According to the Barron County Sheriff’s Department, around 12:30 p.m., first responders received a call that two kayakers had overturned in the Red Cedar River near the Mikana Dam.

Upon arrival, a Barron County Recreation Deputy and a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) warden found the two kayakers hanging onto a tree in a heavy current from the dam.

First responders deployed rescue ropes, and they were safely brought to shore.

The Birchwood Fire and Rice Lake Fire departments located the missing kayaks downstream.

In a press release, authorities stressed that both people were wearing life jackets, which aided in their recovery, saying, "It is highly recommended that they be worn at all times while on the water."