2 men rescued after falling through ice on Upper Red Lake

Rescue crews in Beltrami County were at work once again on Upper Red Lake, after two men on an ATV went crashing through the ice.

Deputies responded around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday for the fisherman who had gone into the water.

The sheriff says the men were able to get out of the water, but were stranded and couldn't get back to the resort.

Emergency crews responded while, at the same time, the resort sent people to help. At 8:05 a.m., the fishermen were back at the resort, where they were examined by first responders.

"Despite being wet and cold there were no injuries and other first responders were canceled by Kelliher Fire and Rescue," deputies wrote. "Arrangements have been made to remove the ATV as soon as the ice strengthens."

The warm winter has led to several incidents this month on Upper Red Lake, a popular ice fishing spot. On Dec. 17, a group of 35 anglers got stuck on a sheet of ice that broke away from the shore, prompting a large scale rescue effort. Deputies are urging people to use caution when going out on the lake, due to unsafe ice.

"Recent rain and prolonged above-freezing temperatures have caused ice conditions to deteriorate," the sheriff's office explained. "There are many ice houses across the region that are falling through the ice that are not able to be removed because recovery teams are reporting the ice is too weak. They are hopeful with colder weather coming up they can safely remove the property. If you choose to go on the ice, check the thickness frequently and know where you are traveling. Check with area resorts prior to going on the ice."