2 men charged after violent home invasion in Bloomington, Minnesota

An elderly couple is recovering after a violent home invasion over the weekend in Bloomington, Minnesota.

According to police, on Sunday night, 45-year-old Robert Gabrio and 56-year-old Danny Denzer rolled up on the couple’s home to terrorize and steal from them.

“They assaulted the female victim and demanded money from them,” Deputy Chief Mike Hartley said.

Charging documents say Gabrio threw the elderly woman over the couch, put her in a headlock and dragged her to the basement - all while threatening to kill her and her husband. Police arrived to hear screaming from the basement and said they found Gabrio holding a knife close to the victim. Then, Gabrio allegedly rushed toward officers holding the knife in a stabbing position. He turned back and police were able to restrain him.

The woman suffered a cut on her ear and several bumps on her head, according to the charges.

Police got there so fast because the victim happened to be on the phone with her sister when the suspects first arrived, and the sister called police. Investigators say the couple was targeted after Gabrio cased the home a month ago while posing as a county inspector.

“He went over and posed in August as a county inspector, went through the house and then convinced them that they owed money for some violations, and they ended up paying him,” Deputy Chief Hartley said. 

Hartley said relatives and friends need to educate their loved ones of scams like this.

“Obviously, they were targeting this couple, we believe, because they felt they were an easy target.”

Gabrio is charged with first-degree burglary, first-degree robbery and threats of violence. Denzer is charged with first-degree burglary. They are scheduled to make their first court appearance on Wednesday.