14-year-old swimmer dies after going underwater at Little Grand Lake

Deputies say a young swimmer from Wisconsin has died after going underwater in Little Grand Lake in St. Louis County, Minnesota.

The swimmer, identified as 14-year-old David Beck, was in the water near Sampo Beach Tuesday evening around 8:20 p.m., swimming to a dock with two other boys, when deputies say he went underwater and didn't come back up.

The other boys yelled for help and boaters and beachgoers moved to help, finding the boy at the bottom of the lake.

Arriving at the scene, first responders performed CPR and rushed the boy to the hospital. Sadly, the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office says the family informed them Thursday Beck had passed away due to medical complications from being underwater.

Deputies believe swimmer inexperience led to the boy going beneath the surface.

In a release, deputies said the family expressed gratitude towards everyone who worked to help Beck.