11-year-old boy saves man from drowning in Eagan pool

Eleven-year-old Advaik Nandikotkur only learned how to swim three and a half years ago, but his aquatic abilities have already turned out to be a real lifesaver.

"Mom told me to jump in and I said he was probably too heavy, but I jumped in anyway," said Advaik.

Advaik was with his family at the indoor pool in their apartment building in Eagan Sunday night when his father noticed a man at the bottom of the pool. The man was visiting another tenant at the apartment building.

Although there were several adults nearby, Advaik was the only one who knew how to swim, so he jumped in the water. He pulled the drowning visitor to the surface, even though the man outweighed him by 100 pounds.

"He is a shy guy, so he was surprised,” said Raghu Nandikotkur, Advaik’s father. “People are appreciating him because he's used to swimming and he thinks he did what he could do."

Once the man was out of the water, Advaik's uncle performed CPR on him, even though he isn't trained in it. By the time Eagan police arrived a few minutes later, the man was conscious and breathing. 

"I've never seen a child spring into action to save an adult from drowning,” said Aaron Machtemes of the Eagan Police Department. “There's examples of people being rescued, but I've never heard of a case like this."

Police say the man Advaik rescued went to the hospital, but he was released after a few hours and later he stopped by to thank the boy who saved his life.

"He said he loves me," said Advaik.

"It just happened,” said Raghu Nandikotkur. “I don't know why we were there or why Advaik was there. It was coincidental, but now we are relieved he is doing good."

Eagan police say they will nominate Advaik and his uncle for the department's life-saving award. In the meantime, Advaik's parents say this episode has prompted them to get swimming lessons for themselves in the future.