1 in 42 children in Minnesota has autism, according to new CDC report

One in 59 children has an autism spectrum disorder, according to the latest report by the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring. 

That number is significantly higher in Minnesota, where one in 42 children has autism. 

The CDC collaborates with universities and research centers around the country. Minnesota was one of 11 locations that collected data in 2016. 

Ellie Wilson, the executive director of the Autism Society of Minnesota, said that the number of kids with autism in Minnesota could be higher since Minnesota collects data in a highly metropolitan area compared to the other 11 locations. People that have a lot of service needs oftentimes live in metropolitan areas. 

Researchers say identifying autism spectrum disorder early is important. There is strong evidence that shows that the earlier autism is addressed, the higher the success rates the children have later. 

To learn more about the latest report, watch the video above. For more information about the Autism Society of Minnesota, click here.