Joe Biden wins Minnesota's Democratic presidential primary

Democratic voters in Minnesota selected President Joe Biden in Tuesday's presidential primary, per The Associated Press. 

Voters in Minnesota and more than a dozen other states and one territory went to the polls on Tuesday to cast a ballot in presidential primaries for Super Tuesday, the largest  day of voting this year outside of the November election. Both Democratic President Joe Biden and Republican front-runner Donald Trump hoping to amass a string of lopsided victories that will help them move beyond the primaries and focus on their expected general election rematch. Meanwhile, Nikki Haley faces a tough slate of contests mostly in the types of reliably Republican-voting states where she has struggled to win support or in states where party rules heavily favor the former president.

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Super Tuesday has the largest delegate haul of any day in the primary calendar, representing more than one-third of the total delegates available in each party’s nomination process and more than 70% of the delegates needed to mathematically clinch either party’s nomination. Neither Trump nor Biden will be able to claim the title of "presumptive nominee" on Super Tuesday. The earliest that could happen is March 12 for Trump and March 19 for Biden.

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Minnesota's Democratic presidential primary results

President Biden is expected to sweep Democratic primaries in Minnesota and 15 other states and one territory on Super Tuesday and will likely secure his party’s nomination in the coming weeks. Here are the results from Minnesota:

The Associated Press contributed to this report.