Warning: Big weather changes ahead in Minnesota

The severe weather threat is likely to end by early Wednesday as a cold front moves through.  (FOX 9)

One of the phrases I hear the most as a meteorologist is, "if you don't like the weather in Minnesota, just wait five minutes." Well, admittedly that's a bit dramatic, but this week will try to live up to that very popular thought. We will start the week on a very spring note and end with a flashback to late February.

A very pleasant day is expected Monday and will easily be the nicest of the week, but the changes begin already on Tuesday. Clouds and showers arrive along with a big surge of moisture. Dew points will climb to the highest levels since the fall, potentially getting into the 50s by Tuesday evening. Watch as the moisture quickly pushes northward out of the southern Plains and into southern MN.

This moisture, along with several other components, will combine to give much of the I-35 corridor from Texas to southern MN the opportunity for severe storms. The minutia of this will change and morph a little heading right up to the event, so don't get so caught up in the minor details at the moment. However, it does look like we will be on the northern edge of the severe weather possibility heading into late Tuesday and Tuesday night.

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The severe weather threat is likely to end by early Wednesday as a cold front moves through. This will start our cooling trend on Wednesday as temperatures gradually fall and the winds drastically increase. Snow will be flying on the colder side of this storm across Montana, the Dakotas, and far northwestern MN. With strong northwest winds, we will tap into some of that very cold air from just to our northwest leading to a very chilly end to our workweek. While some minor snowfall is still possible, anything significant is very likely to stay well to the northwest of our area.  Watch as the cold air pushes eastward across the northern U.S.

We should finally quiet down by the weekend, but we are likely to stay quite cool. In fact, we could stay below average through much of next week as well.