Twin Cities gets above zero for 1st time in 3 days

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It finally happened. We are back above zero for the first time in 76 consecutive hours. 

We just spent three consecutive calendar days below zero and that has not happened since 2009. It was only the second time we’ve done that this century and just the seventh time in the last 35 years. But, these long subzero stretches are becoming less common.

We have been below zero for three consecutive days 31 times in history, including our recent stretch.  But, it has happened just three times since the 80s. It is also nowhere close to the record longest streak of seven consecutive days set back in 1912. 

Our subzero streaks may be becoming less frequent, but our days with subzero highs are not really declining. It is just becoming increasingly more difficult to get two or more in a row.

We have experienced 199 days solo days with subzero highs, but becomes three times less common to get two in a row with just 67. Then it becomes increasingly more difficult the longer your stretch.

At our current rate of decline, it could be 20 years or more before we get the next three-day-long stretch of subzero highs, but then again, anything could happen and it could occur again next winter. I am sure many are hoping it will not.

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