Timeline: Snow and more cold on the way

We haven’t see too much of Old Man Winter in this season, comparatively speaking. But that’s about to change. 

Snow is on the way tonight, and your Tuesday morning commute could be a tricky one. Check out the timeline above; we’ll have some light snow Monday evening, but the heaviest snow will be overnight. 

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard said, “It’s all about the timing on this one. When you get even an inch of this light, crystalline snow…it compacts so quickly and bonds to the roads.” 

Leonard added, “It doesn’t take a lot of snow at these temps to make for a nasty commute. That’s what could happen Tuesday morning for some of us.” 

The wake-up call could be a harsh one for people who had Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

And this snowfall is just the start of a harsh return to a typical Minnesota January. Next up: a blast of the coldest weather of the season. Look out for overnight temps in the teens below zero by Thursday. 

We’ve had it easy this year…until now.