Minnesota weather: Partly sunny and tranquil Tuesday; light snowy mix possible Wednesday evening

Tuesday will be quiet with partly sunny skies, but a light snowy mix is possible for parts of the state on Valentine's Day. 

The clouds will linger for most of the day on Tuesday, with some patchy sunshine. Temperatures remain average, with highs around 37 degrees for the Twin Cities metro area and pocket 40s for southern Minnesota. 

Overnight, temperatures drop to 31 degrees as the cloud coverage sticks around into Wednesday. Temperatures are warmer on Wednesday, with a high of 42 degrees in the metro area and a chance of snow.

The snow arrives on Wednesday in southwest Minnesota before pushing its way into the Twin Cities metro area by the evening hours, possibly starting as a minty mix before turning into snow. 

The heaviest snowfall will be in southern Minnesota, especially along Interstate 90, which could receive a couple of inches. While it is still too early to determine exactly how much snow the metro could get, it will likely remain light. The flakes will hang around until midnight before moving out east. 

Looking at the week ahead, temperatures start to cool off with a high of 26 degrees on Friday, but by the weekend, the sunshine returns with temperatures back in the 30s. 

Here's a look at your seven-day forecast: