Our First 9 O'Clock Sunset


Our first 9 O'clock Sunset

This weekend starts with a milestone as the sun stays above the horizon as late as 9:00 PM. Of course the days are always 24 hours in length, but the amount of time the sunlight makes it to us here in the Upper Midwest is reaching its peak.


The longest day is next Sunday, which is also the first day of summer. The sun will rise at 5:26 AM and not set until 9:03 PM, resulting in almost 15 Hours and 37 minutes of sun.



Unlike leaving a room and flipping a switch, it doesn't get instantly dark. Sunrise and sunset is measured by the amount of time the sun is above the horizon. Once the sunset dips below the horizon, its rays still shed some light on us. As the earth continues on its spin, the rays fade away, and this is what we know as dusk. In the morning we call it dawn.

Next Sunday, when we enjoy the most amount of daylight, the time we spend bathed in some form of light will actually be many hours longer. Check out the image below for the first day of Summer here in Minnesota. Wow, there is some hint of light from 2:53 in the morning until 11:37 at night, a total of 20 hours and 44 minutes.  


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