Minnesota weather: Cooler, rainy this weekend

One more day of temperatures in the 80s for the Twin Cities and then it gets chilly and rainy for the weekend. 

A summer-like day on Friday will feature a high of around 81 degrees and sunshine for the Twin Cities metro. It'll be cooler, in the 50s and 60s, and possibly some 40s, in northwestern Minnesota.

Late-evening rumbles and showers are possible across the area Friday night. The low will dip down to around 48 degrees in the Twin Cities. 

It doesn't warm up much from there. Saturday will be gray and cooler, with a high of around 51 degrees in the Twin Cities. Rainy periods are possible. Simply put, it'll feel more like April than it did this past week.

Sunday will be even cooler, with a high of around 42 degrees in the Twin Cities. A few snowflakes could mix in with any precipitation we get, especially in the morning. 

Temperatures slowly start to rise again to start the work week. The forecast shows a high of around 52 degrees in the Twin Cities on Monday, a high of 60 on Tuesday and a high of 64 on Wednesday.

Here's your seven-day forecast: