Ian Leonard: Why no tie?

Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard, with no tie, during the evening weather on March 18, 2024 (FOX 9)

That's it, the number one question lately…"Why no tie?"

That is the number one question on my work email. Some of the inquiries are a little on the angry side:

What happened to your tie? Are you too cool to wear a tie?

Why are you so casual? Please put the tie back on to keep your level of professionalism high for you and your peers.

Yes, those are real emails I have received.

Okay, so let’s talk about the tie.

It is a simple, two-word answer: Skin Cancer, again. (oops, 3 words)

It literally hurts to wear a tie, the knot rests right on the area where a couple of deep scars now sit. It rubs the area raw in a short period of time. That's it. That's the answer. But wait, there’s more!

Somebody wrote to me the other day and said, "What’s up with your face?" 

Such a loaded question. I had no idea how to answer. This is it, my face. Be it ever so humble it is the money-maker. They were actually referring to the red blotches and sores on my forehead. The result of another round of topical chemo. I almost forgot how much that stuff hurts. Almost.

It is a necessary evil – I have skin cancer. But man, it hurts. It burns. It is very uncomfortable. And it is impossible to hide. My entire forehead, blotchy and red like a billboard that’s says, "Look right here!"

Thankfully this round is only 10 days. It has been about 7 years since the surgery, the topical chemo and the pain. I block it out, those nasty memories, 2016 to 2017. Cancer hit me right smack dab in the money-maker. I lost a third of my lower lip. Over 70 stitches. Topical chemo for over 30 days. It seems so long ago, until that same fiery pain comes back.

I got this. It is mine to own. So many other people have much bigger, harder things to deal with in life. This is mine, and it will be fine. But do me a favor. The next time you want to ask someone a question about their tie, or lack thereof, be a little nicer – you never know what the answer will be.

What will you do for someone else today? Thanks for stopping by.