Heavy rains flood out streets in Sartell, Minn.

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Fourth of July downpours brought flooding to parts of Minnesota on Thursday.

Among the hardest hit areas appears to be Sartell, Minnesota, just north of St. Cloud. Police in that city warned of flooded out roads created by the strong storms on Thursday.

In a Facebook post, police write, “We still have many neighborhoods with flooded roadways. Our public works department has put up barricades in those areas and we are asking people not to drive around them, even if they believe they can make it through the high water. Some vehicle still remain in the flooded roadways and will be removed when it is safe to do so.”

Sartell police say their weather station logged 4.44 inches of rain during the storm.

While the heavy rain was causing problems for police and members of the public, others turned lemons into lemonade. Susan and Hailey Eibes sent us videos showing residents in Sartell using pool floaties in the middle of a street.