Are we finally done with snow in Minnesota?

Have the flakes had their final curtain call for the spring? Well, for northern Minnesota, that's a hard no. In fact, the Canadian border region and the North Shore are likely to see some snow as early as Wednesday. But for the Twin Cities and the southern half of the state; maybe.

I imagine that's not the answer you want, but that's just the reality of the pattern we find ourselves in. The later we get into April though, the more difficult it becomes for the atmosphere to be cold enough for it to support snow. The higher sun angle and generally thawed ground are the main variables working against snow accumulation this late in the season. However, with overall northwest flow allowing the chilly Canadian air to enter our region, our temps can stay just cold enough to support snow. That pattern will take a brief break through this weekend but may return at some point next week. Check out the expected highs through early next week when comparing them to average.

We see temperatures briefly climb above average on Saturday, but then we fall once again. There is currently no strong signal that flakes will return to the Twin Cities, but at this point, they also can't be ruled out. IF we have seen our last accumulating snow in the Twin Cities for the season, it would be the third year in a row we experienced the last spring snow on April 14. We managed all of a quarter-inch of accumulation last Thursday.

Even in our cold pattern, we haven't seen all that much snow so far this month in the Twin Cities with just a little over an inch and a half. But areas to our north have certainly seen a bunch. In fact, it's now the seventh-snowiest April on record in Duluth... and more is likely on Wednesday.

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Despite the chilly temperatures over the last couple of weeks, we really haven't been all that cold compared to climatology. Sure, we've been below average, but did you know this has been the 26th coldest start to April on record in the Twin Cities, dating back to 1872? Yes, that means over the last 150 years or so, there have been 25 Aprils that have started colder... including our 2018 April (with our 15-inch blizzard) and in 2013, when we received snow in the first couple days of May. 

So, it could always be worse...