Drought Update: Minnesota is keeping its head above water

When it comes to quenching Minnesota's thirst, every drop counts. We have gone through several gloomy wet stretches since mid April, but we have also gone through several nice and warm sunny stretches. Its seems that one is canceling out the other, and for some parts of the state, the drought is expanding like a bad rash.


The maps above shows the difference, or lack there of, in our drought situation. The southeastern part of the state once again remains drought free. Meanwhile, the drought has tightened its grip on the northwestern part of the state, choking out even more moisture and taking it to the severe category.



Yes, its out there and lately it has been falling in the right places. Check out the map below from the past week. You can see most of the rain, in blue, has fallen over the driest parts of the state. Notice the brown and red colors, representative of the least amount of rain, falling across drought free southeastern Minnesota. 

When it comes to moisture, mother nature has provided us with our fair share. In fact, during the month of April, we saw 2.42" of rain, which is 91% of average. As far as May, we are slightly above average as of mid month. The good news is that we are getting normal rain but the bad news is that it is just keeping us "Status Quo". Its like when you just make enough to pay your bills, if you don't get a raise, or cut some expenses, you will just get by.

We are ending this week with some much needed wet weather and more unsettled weather is heading our direction this weekend. Also May and June are notoriously some of our wettest months. 

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