Dreaming of a white Halloween?

Most of us dream of a white Christmas, but are you dreaming of a white Halloween?  Well, keep dreaming… especially this year.  While arguably the most famous blizzard in Minnesota history struck 25 years ago on that fateful Halloween night in 1991, we have scarcely had snow in any other year.  In fact, since 1872, we have had snow either fall, or on the ground a total of 6 times… that’s just 4% of the time… and ANOTHER reason why the Halloween blizzard was so epic. 

So the image above shows the overall probability of a white Halloween across North America.  Pretty obvious that the further north you go, the better your overall chances.  Snow cover is actually up across much of Canada already for the month of October, so a solid three quarters of the country could have snow on the ground by Halloween. 

Considering our current pattern, it COULD be a while before we can get any substantial snow around here.  Oh and just a reminder… while Minnesota snow season doesn’t officially have a beginning and an end, we as a weather community consider it to be November through April.  You know what that means… “snow season” is about to begin!