Dangerous heat expected this weekend

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Are you ready for the heat AND the humidity? Temperatures are expected to soar this weekend and Saturday could be the warmest day we have seen in 5 years! Get the Fox 9 Weather App to track the weather in your location.

With southwest winds and a ridge of high pressure overhead, temperatures are expected to soar well into the 90s area wide, with a real shot at 100 degrees across much of central Minnesota, and that could include the metro. Combine those exceedingly warm temperatures with tropical moisture coming straight out of the Gulf of Mexico, and the heat index, or what it will feel like outside, could top 105 in many locations. 

This is dangerous style heat where heat exhaustion and heat stroke can occur if proper steps aren’t taken.  While a slow cooling trend will likely start Sunday, these dangerous temperatures could hang around through at least Monday so plan accordingly.

To prevent health issues during the extreme heat, limit outdoor activities as much as possible. Drink plenty of water while staying away from sugary and alcoholic beverages, both of which can lead to dehydration. Wear light weight, light colored clothing, lots of sunscreen, and try to stay in air conditioning or in a body of water like a lake or pool as much as you can. 

I’m sure you have heard all of these tips before and often times can sound a little excessive, but when it’s extremely warm out, you’d be surprised how quickly you or a loved one can get into real trouble. The first symptoms of heat exhaustion are typically dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, and a loss in skin color.  If you are anyone you’re around shows signs of these symptoms, get them into air conditioning immediately.  If their symptoms do not improve, or get worse after a few minutes inside, call 911.