Another warm January for the record books

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Thanks to a top 5 January thaw, combined with many other mild days, January 2017 goes down as above average in the temperature category. In fact January 2017 marks the 17th month in a row that the Twin Cities have seen above average monthly temperatures. That means that it was August 2015 since the metro has seen a below average month of temperatures.

The month started off chilly with the coldest temperature bottoming out at -9° on the 6th. The second half of the month saw a quick turn-a-round with temperatures soaring to above average before entering one of the longest January thaws on record.

That 11 day streak of highs at 32° or warmer set records. We spent 4 days never dipping below freezing and even set a record warm low for one of those nights.

As far as moisture for the month, we hovered near average, thanks to some rain for a few days. As far as snow, we saw 8.4”, which is about a third below the average of 12.1”. After all, January should be our snowiest month.