Minnesotans mixed on winter's return to southern Minnesota, Twin Cities Monday

A slushy footprint in a Minneapolis backyard during a snowy spring day.

After a sunny, spring-like weekend, parts of Minnesota got a shot of winter as slushy snow fell in the southern part of the state Monday. 

The storm system out of the west started Sunday night in southwest Minnesota and reached the Twin Cities metro area late Monday morning. 

Windy, cooler conditions with a wintry mix accumulating 1 to 3 inches are possible for the Twin Cities metro area. A heavier band of snow accumulating 4 to 7 inches is possible in southern Minnesota along I-90. 

Hutchinson back porch Karen Curtis

A back porch in Hutchinson, Minnesota after a March 15 snow event. (Karen Curtis)

Minnesota snow emergencies

As of Monday afternoon, the southern Minnesota cities of Northfield, Le Sueur and Faribault have each declared snow emergencies.

The snow event led to tricky road conditions as well. Crews responded to dozens of crashes in the metro area and in southern Minnesota Monday. 

Minnesotans have mixed reviews on winter's return

Monday’s snow was met with mixed reviews.

"Kind of wet, kind of sloppy," Jeff Edstrom said. "Not really cold."

"This is just wet slush," Eric Vinge said.

"Slushy," Sam O’Reilly said. "Slushy and heavy."

Others, like Tracy Compton, were outright critical.

"I’m done with snow for the year," she said.

As Minnesotans, we are used to the snow.

"Minnesota, one day at 70° next day it’s 0°," Eric Vinge joked.

"It’s not even April yet, so Minnesota [in] March [or] April we can always get snow," Edstrom said.

Still, some aren’t used to snow a week after temperatures in the 60s.

"It was very nice last week and now we’re back to winter again," Sandy Spry said. "It would be nice to have those warm temperatures again but it’s expected here."

Sam O’Reilly, owner of Shamrock Lawn Services, cleans up the uninvited nuisance.

"It’s scraping so clean [that] I’m not using any salt or sand, typically I use sand anyway, but you know, it’s scraping so clean that it’s really isn’t necessary," O’Reilly said

O’Reilly gave Monday’s snowfall a score of two out of 10.

"This isn’t that much snow, we’re just on the northern tail of it," O’Reilly said. "Not very far south of here they’re getting a lot more than we are."

Jeff Edstrom is thankful he’s not further south.

"If it gets more than 3 inches of this, the snow blower doesn’t like it," Edstrom explained. "It’s very wet, real heavy."

As Edstrom clears his driveway, he’s focused on the positive.

"You know it’ll make a mess for a few days, but it’ll be gone, then it’ll come back, and then it’ll be gone, and then we’ll be riding our bikes," Edstrom said.

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